03 October 2007

The “C” Word

I learned a long, long time ago that the “C” word is not be used in mixed company.

People don’t want to hear the “C” word. When you use it, folks grimace. Change the subject. Anything but the “C” word.

“ ‘C’wordaphobia.”

Last night, on the news they had Judge Cohen, (whom I have unfortunately encountered in past dealings and who still sports the same bemused look), saying she wanted all parties in the “international custody dispute” that’s currently NOT gripping the Nation to avoid using the “C” word.

"C" Word Judge, Jeri B. Cohen

I can see why there would be an association with her and with the “C” word.

Judge Cohen doesn’t like the “C” word. Never has.

Hysterically, one of the parties in the law suit just happens to be named after the “C” word that Judge Cohen objects to: Cubas.

This is more like a Beavis and Butthead episode than a custody dispute. Complete with Butthead Look-Alike Magda Montiel Davis.

You can just picture Beavis and Butthead in the back of the courtroom every time that they address Joe Cubas saying “they said the “C” word, uh, heh..heh..heh”

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Ziva said...

No "C" word? To bad, there's one that definitely applies to her. The only positive I see is that by ignoring the obvious evidence tampering, an appeal might have a chance. Gusano, I know how you feel about crudeness, but sometimes it just fits. Sorry, fell free to edit.