08 October 2007

San(s) Che

A few years ago, somebody pointed out to me that in The Church, a Saint’s Feast Day is celebrated on the day the Saint died or was martyred not their birthday.

The anti-church must have the same practice, since the martyrdom of one of Satan’s own, Che, is to be celebrated tomorrow.

The problem with celebrating the Feast Day for an anti-saint like Che is that there’s nothing positive that can be celebrated. Even the anti-church of Marxism can’t “celebrate” Che’s deeds while on Earth. They can’t celebrate his role as Castro’s “Supreme Prosecutor” (executor), or his economic plans, or his guerilla theories, or his blood thirsty writings. After all, it needs to attract more converts. A real dilemma.

So we get treated to the mythical Che. The revolutionary and idealist Che. The motorcycle riding – medical student-pre mass murderer Che. Not the deeds but the ideals.

So nothing makes me happier than news stories that tell us that Che’s influence in the country most affected by his thirst for violence, his erroneous economic theories and where children are brought up to be like him, is waning because Cubans are rejecting his ideals-the myth created by the anti-church about him.

Then, there’s this nice little present on the eve of Che’s martyrdom. An article in today’s Sun Sentinel foretelling the “free-marketization” of Cuba.

Though it’s “certainly pretty to think so”, I’m more inclined to agree with this Cuban on the street:

"Honestly, I don't expect major changes," said Juan, a 44-year-old set builder, who did not want to give his full name. At least, the meetings give the public an escape valve. We talk. They listen. Nothing changes."

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Ms.B. said...

An interesting use of words in that you say "celebrate" as in a Saint's feast day. Deaths are usually conmemorated, remembered, etc. not celebrated. Che's death is certainly something to celebrate.