11 October 2007

The E$tefan$' Motive$

Poor Gloria.

$he can't drink coffee anymore. It's Fidel'$ fault, you $ee. $he doesn't like Fidel...Che? Well, that'$ another $tory

In an interview promoting her CD "90 Milla$", Gloria talks about her Cuban, err I mean, her Latina root$ and Cuban Mu$ic.

According to the interviewer, Pablo Calvi, the interview went $omething like thi$:

Blah... Ca$tro... Blah... Ca$tro... Blah.. Ca$tro... Me... Ca$tro... Me.. Ca$tro... Me... Ca$tro... Blah.. Ca$tro... Ca$tro... Blah.. Blah... Emilio... Blah... Blah... Blah... Ca$tro...

$ome exceprt$:

In 20 minutes of conversation, Gloria Estefan has mentioned Fidel Castro's name 17 times.
You know, Fidel took away some things from Cuba, but our music is something we treasure," she says.

"We have neglected it for a long time, and we even needed an American like the guy from Buena Vista Social Club [Ry Cooder], to tell us how amazing our music is."

In my neighborhood, Marianao, that mean$ :

"Fidel $tole everything, but we can still play mu$ic in Miami, call it Cuban Mu$ic and make money off of it"

"For the longe$t time, we didn't realize we could make $some ca$h from it, but then we $aw $ome american guy make big buck$ by exploiting $ome ancient Cuban mu$sicians in the Buena Vi$ta $ocial Club, and we $aid, "Hell, we can do that!"

That'$ how "90 milla$" came about.


Jose Aguirre said...

Excellent post Gusano! The E$chefan$
lost a lot of credibility with freedom loving Cubans by spitting in our face with their friend che-loving Carlos Santana. She can explain it a thousand ways, but her father must be turning in his grave.

rsnlk said...

Hey, they interviewed the musicians for the DVD. Want to take bets that Santana's is an apology...not?

Rafael said...

You hit it right in the nose Gusano or should I say Super Gusano! When you talk about the $tefan$ we have to be very careful with the letter$!