01 October 2007

Castro's War on the Opiate of the Masses- Almost Won

The man says:

"we need to 'retronourish' ourselves with everyone's opinions”

How about opinions from the religious?

Religion, after all, plays an important role in “nourishing” the human spirit. Man cannot like by Marx alone.

A glimpse into the refusal of the Castro regime to allow religious freedom can be gleamed from this article by Ray Sanchez, from this Sun Sentinel.

I have, in the past, railed on Cuba’s Catholic Church because of its less than proactive advocacy for freedom in general and some specific acts of apparent collaboration with the regime.

I’ll refrain from judging my church this time around. As commenter Fidel-Pro Democracy once pointed out, the church has managed to survive a fifty year onslaught of evil to minister to the faithful in a place where all but faith is lost, surviving as the only vestige of pre-Castro civil society.

Some excerpts from Sanchez’s article quoting Pedro Meurice a 75 year old retired archbishop from Santiago de Cuba:

No new churches have been built in Cuba since before the revolution. "The church
has serious difficulties with the repair and maintenance of its temples," Meurice said.

"In the end, we have not accomplished what we're entitled to; the Catholic Church has not been granted the right to evangelize and spread without fear of losing its religious freedom," Meurice said in a recent interview.

Meurice said: "Below the surface, very little has changed. While the state is no longer officially atheist, there is still only one party, the Communist Party."

You know the one party, that one that believes that religion is the "opiate of the masses".

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