16 October 2007

Ven A VeneCuba

Hugo’s visit to Cuba has proven to be an eye-opener.

A man so crass and so unpolished that he even makes communists, who have no shame, blush. Amazing!

In one tape, Chavez laments that he won’t be able to travel abroad with Fidel like they did when they went to Che Guevara’s birthplace in Argentina. Because “life is life” –aluding to Castro’s anticipated demise-making a nearby embarrassed and panicked Ramiro Valdez break into a cold sweat and mumble the official party line “tenemos a Fidel para rato”-“we have Fidel for a while” while he wiped the nervous sweat off his brow.

Later at the Che Memorial in Santa Clara, he looked for the infamous step where Fidel tripped, breaking a knee, saying that Fidel had warned to watch the step. Maybe he misunderstood the tyrant, who might have told him to watch his step. But anyway, Hugo’s bringing up the unspeakable episode where Fidel tripped and fell- falling is for mortals, not Fidel- prompted Carlos Lage to remind him that it wasn’t the spot where Fidel fell but rather the spot where Fidel got up. Ah, the Communist Dialectic. Damned Hegel.

Then, he dropped the bomb. He went on to reveal his post-Castro plans for Cuba. He laid out his atomic plans for Venecuba, with Castro’s blessing, one presumes:

Venezuela and Cuba "can form a confederation of republics, two republics in one, two countries in one", Mr Chávez said.

So there you have it, the Napoleonic or is it Bolivarian President of Venezuela has a plan to buy, I mean annex, Cuba and absorb it into a “federation”. Nice!

Meanwhile, the Cuban nomenklatura lead by Raul, just sat there and smiled. These are the same folks that have been wailing and warning about an imminent US invasion and annexation of the forsaken island for 50 years-and they didn’t say a word-other than to say how much Fidel and 11 million Cubans love Chavez’s money-I mean Chavez.


Fidel pro democracy said...

I find that very disturbing, I strongly believe that is easy to control an island than a country with borders, perhaps the monkey plans to run his headquarters from the safety of the island.

amy said...

This makes me so sick, I just lost my cafecito.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

I guess Hugo figures he can soon just walk into Cuba like Hitler into Austria and take over...