16 October 2007

Cuba's New Singing Co-President

I know I'm dreaming. This can't be really happening. If somebody knows where I'm sleeping PLEASE throw a cold bucket of water on me and wake me up from this nightmare! Hopefully when I wake up it will be 1990 and the Berlin wall is coming down and the Castro Regime is on its last legs for real and the last 17 years were just a bad nightmare caused by some MSG spiked Chinese Food.

Truly, this has to be a nightmare.

And speaking of nightmares... Am I now a Venecuban exile or a Cubazuelan refugee?!?!?


amy said...

I'm thinking Cubazuelan . . .

Anonymous said...

The first word that comes to my mind is once again Cubans are ... I´m sure you know what I´m thinking.

If I win billions in a lottery, I know what to do with it.