25 October 2007

Will Truth be Ignored?

Other than my inarticulateness, it seems I have something else in common with President Bush.

I haven’t had a chance to watch the speech or fully study the transcript.

Yesterday Dubya became a Cuban Blogger and like much my diatribes and rants, his words are already being received with a big yawn.

That’s a shame.

The President laid out the Cuban reality in terms that even academics and journalists could understand.

He invited the world community to join in our struggle for freedom. He reminded Cubans that the Cuba belongs to them and warned the regime’s operatives to get on the right side of history:

Will you defend a disgraced and dying order by using force against your own people? Or will you embrace your people's desire for change? There is a place for you in the free Cuba. You can share the hope found in the song that has become a rallying cry for freedom-loving Cubans on and off the island: "Nuestro Dia Ya Viene Llegando." Our day is coming soon.

But the campaign to dismiss his call has already begun:

President George W. Bush's plea that the world community contribute to a fund to promote democratic reform in Cuba likely will fall on deaf ears, and may actually strengthen the hand of its ailing leader Fidel Castro, experts said.

Welcome to our nightmare, Mr. Bush.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No offense, but I'll take the advice of a Harvard professor, Princetone Professor, etc. over that of idiot Bush. You really think Bush can understand the world like REAL intellectuals

Bush is, of course, right to call Castro a dictator, but Bush is a simpelton and has a peanut brain.. Why should I worship a red neck and be anti-intellectual just b/c I hate Castro too?

I choose to be anti-Castro and intellectual at same time, yep there ain't much space for a guy like me in Miami.