17 October 2007

When Castro Dies….

When Castro dies.

Just about every quote from every Cuba expert begins with “when Castro dies”.

Cuba’s future is tied to that man’s death. His being alive represents Cuba being stuck in the 1950’s. Fifties cars, fifties buildings fifties ideas and an economy based on the fifteen-fifties.

Everyone instinctively, if not rationally realizes that Castro a roadblock to progress. During his reign, nothing has been accomplished – except misery and repression. Only “when Castro dies” there’s a glimmer of hope.

Everybody is just holding their breath waiting for his death to see what’s going to happen. I look like a Smurf myself.

Even his protégé, Hugo Chavez, eulogizes him.

The only ones in denial about the Comandante’s mortality is the regime. His illness-the physical one-has been deemed a state secret-commenting on it can mean treason- a death sentence. (Commenting on his mental illness has been outlawed, with the same penalty as well, for the last 48 yrs). Commenting on his mortality is not allowed.

They know.


Alfredo said...

while the dictator is attempting to do his dictatorcizes, mini-me immortalizes, the press idolizes,and the cuban governement mumifizes, will Cuba ever be Democratized?

El Gusano said...

Cono, Alfredo no me asustes..suenas como Jesse Jackson, chico!

Alfredo said...

don't worry I am not getting monetized like Jesse!