23 October 2007

CubanophOBic Comedy Break

76 boats were stolen in Broward County Florida since the beginning of the year.

It’s probably due to Cubans according to Lt. John Humphreys of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Most of the boats are being stolen in South Florida. South Florida = Cubans, therefore it obviously has to be the Cubans’ fault. With this kind of crystal clear logic, Mr. Humphreys could become a Cuba Expert.

Never mind that there are more boats in South Florida, Never mind that there is more affluence. No it’s the Cubans:

One reason for the increase in those thefts is that "go fast" boats are being stolen for use in smuggling drugs or would-be immigrants. Ten to 20 percent of the boats seized in smuggling busts are stolen, Humphreys said. And such activity is shifting toward Broward and Palm Beach counties, where it could alter the nature of boat theft.

"Instances of migrant smuggling and Cuban trafficking," Humphreys said, "are working their way north along the coast."

I like that: “Cuban trafficking.”. It makes me feel so illicit, so exotic, so adictive.

Lemme traffic myself back to work now before my high wears off.


Charlie Bravo said...

illicit, exotic, and addictive....
(I will write that under my name in my resume!)

Mambi_Watch said...

You know they did find a stolen boat with a tracking system and saw that it went from Miami to Cuba and then to Cancun.

One boat from several I'm sure. Story here:


Mambi_Watch said...

And what the heck does "Cubanophic" mean? Did you mean Cubanophobic? I know how you are creative with words and all but...

El Gusano said...

One boat from several -you're sure- without evidence? First sign of Cubanophobia -- being sure all crimes are committed by Cuban exiles.

I saw that on the news! Can you believe they got a lo-jack that can track a boat to all those places-so far away - thousands of miles? It's a miracle, if you believe in that kind of stuff. I believe you're a Cubanophobe one of several I'm sure.

I'll fix the title. thanks for pointing it out-you're a pal!

Mambi_Watch said...

Hmm. Never said that "all crimes are being committed by Cuban exiles." And, I haven't read a report that says the same.

Wonder where you would get such an idea?