09 October 2007

Join The Counter Revolution!

Tomas shows you how!

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Thanks amigo!

You know I was thinking, if enough Cubans began a campaign to promote Gorky's music it could be a real pain in the ass for the regime. We would need a song done in English and Spanish that's real simple with a killer hook that will have every American under thirty singing the words. Once this music weapon of mass destruction has been created we Cubans start to email the mp3 to every address we know with instructions to listen and pass it on to their email addresses. Send it to radio stations, magazines and newspapers and anyone you can imagine that I can't at this juncture.

Really, in the 21st Century Cubanos, there are an infinite number of ways to bring down this two bit regime and I'm talking fast! But we all have to get busy on this assignment everyday. When we get our million woman and man army on its feet working a keyboard on the front lines Raul and gang are toast. Keep spreading the word amigo.