23 June 2007

Communist Chic(k)

Say it aint so..................

Half Cubanita Cameron Diaz has joined the pack of "comunist chic" idiots.

No, the "Something About Mary" star didn't come to Hialeah to campaign for Obama wearing a che shirt.

She visited Machu -Pichu, in Peru, accesorized with an olive green bag adorned with a communist China red star and the Maoist slogan "Serve the People".

People in Peru, who suffered from the ravaging ideas of Mao at the hands of the Mao - inspired "Shining Path" guerrillas, were offended by Diaz's lack of respect for the little indian people.

Se la comio.

Those sparkling blue eyes of her just lost most of their sparkle and those full lips well, let's just say they started to resemble another orifice.

First Angelina, now Cameron.



Jewbana said...

Didn't she go to Cuba with Justin Timberlake? I think she's part of the Danny Glover/Harry Belafonte gang. I feel sorry for her dad. Que verguenza! If the guy lived in Miami, tuviera que meter la cabeza en un cartucho.

El Gusano said...

the unknown Cuban...Shuckie baby, Shuckie baby.....

Charlie Bravo said...

At least she has the excuse the writing is in Chinese and she can claim a case of dumb blond about it. But when others -specially from Peru and other Latin American locales wear a che t-shirt it's all about Latino Pride (???) and Revolutionary chick (ha, ha, ha, ha) So if some of them were offended..... they should not remain silent when we are offended by one thousand of their dumbasses wearing the snout of a murdered in their sweaty shirts everyday.
By the way, I've been looking in websites who have all the tattoos of Jolie, and there's no mention to that infamous che tattoo, could it be an urban legend?
Shouldn't all the Cubans in entertainment band together to do a movie about the Ladies in White?
Well.... That's too much to ask.

Charlie Bravo said...

Angelina's tattoos 1
Angelina's tattoos 2

Charlie Bravo said...

And when these starlets don't know what the hell the piece of junk-fashion they are wearing says, they should go for something like "got milk?" or "I am with stupid" instead. How much bigger and air filled head can get?
By the way, guess what.... commie paraphernalia from the old mean Soviet Union is all the rage in a bunch of flea markets all over Europe and the USA (I've seen it in L.A., San Francisco, New York, and Washington DC) people don't know what the hell this is all about, much less what the Russian script says, but hey, some asshole made it look cool in a photograph possing as an misundertood intellectual. Talk about ignorance and stupidity, tightly rolled into one!

Anonymous said...

I was about to ask regarding the Che tatto, too. Cameron's story is an example and reminder of a) not respecting local customs can come back to bite you in the ass (albeit very little in this case) b) not everyone in South America is pro-Commie.

Charlie Bravo said...

She actually apologized to the Peruvians. Not that a single celebrity wearing a che t-shirt has ever apologized to Cubans, starting with Santana.