06 June 2007

Descubren El Mentiterraneo

Carlos Lage Davila, the Cuban Vice President, gave a speech on Saturday in which he admitted that the regime lied to him and to the Cuban people when it claimed that it had met its 2006 goals for new home construction.

He also said that " hiding or lying will never be an acceptable alternative under any circumstances"


Does this mean they're packing up and leaving?

Because that's pretty much all they've done for the past 48 years.
H/T to Alex at Ya No Mas!


Mambi_Watch said...

These seem to be general comments that most politicians make. They hardly mean anything, unless real results are seen. But, I found the news story that verifies this "speech".

People's Daily Online
"Cuba has lowest AIDS infection rate in America"

"Although Cuba provides an appropriate health care system and free medical treatment for all its citizens, it faces problems related to infrastructure and the commercialization of food, [Lage] admitted."


According to the UN Program on AIDS, Cuba had a 0.1 HIV prevalence (lowest in the Caribbean).

Now, Lage is boasting a 0.01% infection rate. This seems like an improvement. Let's see if Cuba can apply the same conviction to housing and food consumption.

Alfredo said...

that 's been the motto for the apartheid dictatorship for 48 years"

Lie, Cheat, steal, and screw the Cuban people"

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

It seems one part of the junta is laying blame to another part jockeying for control. Caesar will need to purge or be purged.