30 June 2007

More Repression

Last week, Cuba’s Blooger in chief, Fidel, urged the disaffected Cuban youth to keep sacrificing and fighting for the revolution because "If the young people fail, everything will fail".

On the surface, this may seem as an admission that the revolution is in trouble and that the tyrant was exalting the Cuban youth and trusting them with the future of the “socialist paradise”. BULL

Now, you may think I’m some paranoid hard-line Cuban hot-head exile for not taking Fidel at his word, but I know what I know.

When you grow up in a regime whose only purpose is to subjugate you and pound you into submission, you develop a sixth sense for veiled threats and warnings.

Over at Babalú, I expressed my humble opinion that this statement was merely a threat to the Cuban youth that failure was not an option and that there would be consequences if failure seemed imminent.

Today in Juventud Rebelde, the youths being trained to be MINIT operatives, that is to say the Cuban version of the Gestapo or Stassi have pledged allegiance to Castro and his thugs:

"the young people of the Department of the Interior (MINIT) will not defraud the deposited in us by Fidel, Raul, the Party, the Revolution and the people"

This means that if the rest of Island’s youth, even those conscripted into the armed forces, even think of rebelling , they will have to deal with these up-and-coming repressors.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Let them mass the repressive front but they find not target. Their death must be a death of a million stings. Idle youth have always been history's time bombs. Boom!

Anonymous said...

CB says MINIT has the best weapons, trainning, etc. Still, (this is hypothetical, btw) if every single youth said no to the system and were face to face with the MININT, I would reckon to think that some would wisely lay their arms down rather than fight for the ultimate goal of a most certain death (no matter how many Cubans they kill in the process).

El Gusano said...

I defer to CB on this and I dont want to put words in CB's mouth but I think he's of the opinion that the FAr will be sent out to subdue any rebellion and the MINIT will be right "behind" them to make sure they follow orders or else they will get shot.