01 June 2007

SPAM , Snow and Condescension

It’s spamhog day for Gusano.

Everyday I get up and I read about Spam.

Yesterday, we found out the Cuban government announced that it plans to spend $118 million in food from the US – including- the aforementioned mystery meat..

Today they caught the king of spam , who will probably receive the death penalty for his electronic transgressions against humanity.

And Anita Snow is going on the “libreta” diet.

You see, Ms. Snow who is the AP reporter in Havana, and she has decided that she can’t

fully appreciate the Cuban experience until I eat as they do. So I've decided to spend June eating nothing but the rations and other food that Cubans earning an average salary can buy at farmers' markets using Cuban pesos.

Snow goes on to describe the meager monthly rations that Cubans are allowed to buy from the state.

Maybe in the future, they will be allowed a can of SPAM per month also!

Oh and if you think that Ms. Snow is just kidding, Think again. She continues to shill for the regime by informing us that she’s looking forward to her dietary revolutionary sacrifice, which of course is just for her own good.

I hope to develop healthier eating habits out of necessity: cutting down on red meat and dairy products, planning meals ahead, buying fresh produce at the agros.

She then adds:

But come July 1, I'll also be ready for a big, juicy steak.

I wonder if she’s going to eat the big, juicy steak in public to rub the Cuban’s noses in it?

Would any Cuban even recognize a steak?
Let's do this: Fast this morning in solidarity with the Cuban people and with all the political prisoners.


Ziva said...

What a condescending bitch! She says she admires Cubans, sure doesn't sound like it, what a hollow insulting stunt.

Anonymous said...

Cualquier cosa que se coma la companera sera mas nutritivo que la dieta de maentiras y mierda que se jama diariamente voluntariamente. a los cubanos no les queda mas remedio.

Henry Gomez said...

If this is such a great idea why didn't she think of it years ago? I mean how long has she been in Cuba and only now she comes to this realization that what the average Cuban eats is significantly less than what she eats? Why hasn't she reported on this before?

Johnny Cuban said...

She wants to eat the same kind of steak that Raul Castro eats: Carne de Culo.