10 June 2007

Pact With An Angel To Pact With The Devil?

Bush urges Pope to act as broker with Cuba

The Cubanophobia gripping the US government in its desire for post-Castro stability (read no mass refugee exodus a la Mariel) is so severe, that president W, has turned to divine guidance to ensure that once evil-incarnate is no longer incarnated, the Cuban – Americans living in Florida don’t take to the sea and cause instability by liberating their enslaved extended family, taking half of South Florida’s wealth with them and devastating the Real State values and tax base of the Sunshine State.

Mr Bush's appeal over Cuba came after a leaked memorandum put together by the US State Department warned that the death of Castro could lead to huge instability on the island, as hundreds of thousands of Cuban exiles make the 90-mile journey home from Florida. The Church would be the only point to which all Cubans could look for guidance. Eusebio Mujal-Leon, the head of a pro-Cuba project at Georgetown University in Washington, said: "Bush sees in the Church a way of dragging Havana away from communism, just as it helped in Warsaw."

Also interesting to note in the Telegraph’s report is that the US is looking towards the Pope as a go between:

The United States wants the Pope to act as an "honest broker" between it and Cuba, helping to defrost decades of enmity.

I wonder what happened to the “any dialogue has to be between the Cuban government and the Cuban people” rhetoric of last year?

Maybe the US’s position on Cuban freedom is closer to Spain’s than it would appear.

The Church, Spain and the US - The unholy trinity of Cuban oppression may be back in business.

Hopefully His Holiness will remind the suddenly Cubanophobic W that freedom and God given human rights trump stability and the almighty buck.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that.Que sinverguenzeria. Descarados. Como si no pudieramos pensar por nosotros mismos.La gran mierda. La gran mediocridad en accion. Que digan la verdad y no jodan mas. Ya no Mas. Como si fueramos perros.

Jewbana said...

Oh Paleeeasse! Even if the Pope was inclined to do anything positive, our little Cardinal Ortega would make sure it would fail. The regime must stand in place so that whatever dirty little secret the castro boys have on him would be kept locked up like the Cubans on the island. The Catholic Church in Cuba (with few exceptions) is made up of weenies.