12 June 2007

Journalist From Havana

An American Journalists, Portia Siegelbaum, talks about journalism in Cuba in this blogterview by CBS:

The Cuban media is basically an information service of the government. Especially in domestic news. What the Cuban media does do is they cover world news. You will see CNN in Spanish stories in the Cuban television news at night. They'll take CNN in Spanish, they'll take Spanish TV. So Cubans in general get a lot of international news, and that comes from outside sources. But in terms of domestic news, the source is the Cuban government, or Cuban government ministry functionaries, and they're feeding information to their press.

Listen to the Interview HERE

Ms. Sigelbaum describes the tightrope walking that must be maintained by balancing their news stories carefully to avoid having the rope ( press credentials) pulled out from under them.

Yet it seems to me that the MSM excuse the Cuban government and put up with certain limitations that they would never stand for in the free world.

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