25 June 2007

Killcastro NOT easily Killed

Castro and his minions claim that as of last year there had been 638 attempts on his life. That’s 13 attempts a year for 48 years. One a month, two in December. Every year. Pellheez….

Killcastro survived over 500,000 attacks – In a few hours:

A DDoS is carried out by instructing hundreds or thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of computers to send traffic to a target site or IP address.

This was a constant attack from over 500,000 PCs around the world sending requests to the ISP. Not to one particular site

The result was that you got a server busy when you tried to load Killcastro. That’s an awful lot of energy to expend to knock a few words off the internet for a mere few hours

Ya No Mas, another popular anti-Castro site disappeared yesterday, but it seems to be back up. Hopefully it wasn’t the result of a similar cyber-attack.

Yesterday, I discovered a worm on a laptop that was trying to get my login to blogger.

So, watch it kiddies, Ramiro is lurking out there in the shadows trying to tame wild colts.
Ha! CB and KC are two colts they ain't never gonna tame, corral or rope.


Charlie Bravo said...

Thanks Gusano for your friendship and support. We are back on, and hell there was no way that we would be booted out by Darth Valdes hackers!

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Castro...an overly dramatic bad actor wrapped in a pompous ass.