13 June 2007

Master Copy

Chavez: We're not copying Cuba, but Castro 'key influence'

During his visit to Havana, Hugo Chavez had an emotional six-hour meeting with Cuba’s Dictator Emeritus, Fidel Castro.

He was also scheduled to attend a dedication ceremony for the statue of Venezuelan hero Francisco de Miranda at the eastern end of Havana's waterfront, facing Havana Bay.

Chavez insisted during a recent interview to the AP that he is not copying Cuba’s political system in Venezuela:

"We're in the middle of building it, like an artist painting a picture," Chavez said. "We aren't copying anything."

Unfortunately for the Venezuelan people, the picture that Chavez is painting is predominately red and he may not be copying the painting brush stroke for brush stroke but it’s still in the same school of art - paranoid-delusionist:

Fidel Castro told me one day, after they captured Saddam there in that hole where they found him... 'Chavez, look at how they captured Saddam. He should have died fighting. If they invade Cuba, I'm going first, and you will see what you do. You're also on the list. But in any case we cannot be captured in a hole,"'

And………he added that Cuban Democracy is better than the US representative democracy run by the “elite”

"Democracy is government of the people," Chavez said. "I think if we're going to compare the extent of power that the people have, without a doubt Cuba is more of a democracy than the United States."

He’s not copying Castro’s obsession with an American invasion either but…

"They have a plan to invade Venezuela. To deny it would be absurd ... just as they have a plan to invade Cuba. Who could think they don't have a plan to invade Cuba?" said Chavez, who has pledged Venezuela would help defend the island if needed.

One can only dream…….

But, what am I thinking? The only way the US plans on using its mighty military machine when it comes to Cuba is to intercept and return those trying to escape the clutches of Castro, Inc.'s totalitarian tyranny.


Vana said...

We should be so lucky! Gusano, to have that monster caught in a stinking hole, but that for us is not to be, nobody cares, Cuba more of a democracy than the USA, what a laugh

Julia_1984 said...

I have never been in Cuba, but you can see the fear of the Cuban inmigrants here in their eyes of maybe repeating what they experienced in their childhood. I went with a few friends to watch Ciudad Prohibida, that movie from Andy García I guess and we all came out off the movies crying a little. We sit on a bar for a few minutes, without saying a word. We definitly pictured ourselves in that movie. Of course, Venezuela and Cuba are different countries, different backgrounds, different history. But dont fool me Chavez, you want to go to the "sea of happiness" and take us with you.
PS: Excuses about the grammar and spelling mistakes you might find on the lines above, "my english is not very good looking".