05 June 2007

Tyrant TV

The regime dragged out its blogging cadaver for an “interview” with Randy Alonso on Cuba’s round table this evening.

The tyrant was wearing his now famous red white and blue Adidas tracksuit.

Frankly, he was unintelligible.

It should now be obvious to the Cuban people that Fidel isn’t coming back.

Apparently Castro was praising Viet Nam and its economic and social advances.


Meanwhile when Marta Beatriz Roque was asked about how the Cuban people received the interview, she said that she didn’t know anyone in her Santo Suarez neighborhood that had bothered watching the “Round Table”. She said that her neighbors where more interested in watching Brazilian Telenovelas and that the best thing about Castro’s public absence was that he hadn’t been monopolizing the airwaves with his multi-hour long diatribes.

Castro however promised Randy that he would be back for more round table discussions….
And another thing...
the whole interview seemed like an old Kung Fu movie from Hong Kong dubbed into Spanish. Maybe in between his blogging, meeting and greeting, studying global climate change and his other assorted duties as Dictator Emeritus, he managed to learn Vietnamese and answered Randy's questions in Vietnamese


Marta said...

Wow. Bionic Track Suit indeed.
The best part of the CNN report was Condi explaining to the reporter how lifting the embargo is not what will bring democracy to Cuba - she seemed slightly irritated by the ignorance of the question - I liked that. =D

Val Prieto said...

I thought I was the only one that believed that thing was dubbed.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

When trying to stop his bleeding they gave him coagulants but this caused temporal lobe strokes and other brain damage. Needless to say Fidel is feeble witted and incapable of adult conversation. This is why the regime only shows Fidel with world leader who speak no Spanish. These foreign suckers only know what Fidel's interpreters are saying that Fidel is saying. Why don't they just admit it? He could become so bad that the regime might have to kill him off even.

Mambi_Watch said...

I noticed the sound delay when both Univision and Telemundo showed the interview around 6:30 pm yesterday, but the problem was eventually fixed. After that I saw no other audio irregularities.

You guys may be exaggerating about the "dubbing".

Anyway, I have never heard of this coagulant business, or of strokes to the temporal lobes. Nevertheless, the interview showed no signs of speech deficiencies, no slurring or difficulties with pronunciation. I seriously doubt that Fidel suffered a stroke that affected his speech.

As for any other neurological damage, it seems that Fidel is only suffering from some latency in speech, a common symptom of age with concomitant decrease in synaptic activity.

El Gusano said...

concominant decrease in synaptic activity = chocheria in Cuban. agreed.