03 June 2007

Interpreting the Tyrant

Fidel Castro took time out from his blogging on Saturday to meet with the General Secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party, Nong Duc Manh, who visited Cuba this weekend.

The Adidas Tracksuit clad blogging tyrant only seems to meet with foreign leaders that require interpreters. For example, when the Spanish foreign minister visited to Cuba to firm up his country'ss exploitative businesses on the island, Fidel was too busy studying the environmental impact of ethanol on the planet to meet with him, yet he met with a Chinese emissary. He now meets with a Vietnamese leader.

Interesting. But the regime would never put words in the maximum leaders mouth would they? NO!

But a little food for thought for you conspiracy theorists out there :

JR reports that Fidel praised the heroic people of Viet Nam for its economic advancement.

That's odd since Fidel considers that any kind of private entrepreneurship and property goes against the very egalitarian principles that his revolution is supposedly founded on.

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