04 June 2007

No Infrastruture Today Or For The Past 48 Years

Perhaps now that the Today Show is in Havana providing some public affairs programming for the Hemisphere’s only military dictatorship(for now), we will hear tales of woe of how the crumbling Cuban infrastructure is a result of the big bad embargo in an attempt to tug at the heartstrings of Middle America with a good ol fashioned dose of liberal guilt.

The fairy tale has been retold so many times that it’s now accepted as truth.

In another retelling today the Miami Herald brings us :

Cuba struggles to rebuild infrastructure

Decades of neglect and chronic budget shortages have left the infrastructure crumbling. Aging power plants and an inefficient electricity grid need updating, sewer and water systems suffer frequent breakdowns, houses and office buildings are deteriorated and many roads are filled with potholes.

''We suffered a serious crisis in the 1990s,'' said Leonel González, a member of Cuba's National Assembly, referring to the loss of some $6 billion in annual subsidies after the collapse of the Soviet Union. ``The crisis caused a lot of problems with energy, transportation, food production and the economy. Our priorities are to reduce the negative impacts on the people.''

The problem with Cuba is that its leader stole everything and then refused to maintain it, choosing instead to spend Cuba’s patrimony chasing revolutionary pipe dreams all over the world.

Once Castro, Inc. bankrupted the old USSR, it set its grifting sights on other takers to start “subsidizing” its economy. (More marks to steal from) :

A key part of Cuba's strategy for rebuilding its public works and services hinges on new trade and assistance agreements with China and Venezuela.

China has signed deals to provide Cuba with credit it can use to purchase buses and other badly needed items.

And here’s the other fairy tale we’ve been hearing for 48 years:

Cuba, meanwhile, seems determined to continue building its economy.

BS. Cuba’s “economy” is Castro, Inc.’s coffers. Castro has never had any intention of providing for his people. On the contrary, he has done everything possible the keep the Cuban people from any economic progress so that they have to rely on the State (Castro, Inc.) for everything.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

That's because hungry slaves follow orders better provided they don't become too hungry.

Anonymous said...

Ya think fifo's 900 million could help a few people?

El Gusano said...

more like 1.4 billion. read about Castro Inc. http://lacontrarevolucion.blogspot.com/2007/03/14-billion-dollar-man.html