18 June 2007

Murder-Suicide in the Caribbean?

It’s an all too common occurrence these days. A possessive, abusive man who is finally given his walking papers by the long suffering victim of his abuse, usually his wife, walks right over a restraining order and kills the woman, then kills himself when he sees all is lost.

These guys want to totally possess the object of their disaffection and if he can’t have her all to himself, he would rather see her dead. This way, she can never be anybody else’s.

Sometimes, the animal even kills her children.

When I read the latest from Cuba’s chief blogger today warning Bush that

“I assure you that you will never have Cuba!”

It is one of these psychopathic wife abusers/killers that came to mind.

A possessive and abusive tyrant, he has abused Cuba and her children just like one of these domestic tyrants.

And rather than let her and her children go to be free, happy and progress, no, he would rather they perish forced to protect their oppression and abuse in vain. So that all that is left is

“The dust of her soil soaked in blood”

Just like the abusive husband and father who barricades himself with his family and warn the authorities that come to aid the hostage family, that if they try anything he will kill his family.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Damn G! That's a great analogy. I also think of Castro like Charlie Manson. Castro got a bit further along fomenting world class war instead of the race version that Charlie attempted. Both however had delusions of personal world domination while they took their own people down.

Marta said...

I think maybe I was once married to him... =D

Anonymous said...

Wadaya expect from a nut?


papo said...

my feelings exactly i would,not be surprise if he took cuba down with him unfortunately