21 June 2007

The UN-(der) World

Why go after criminals and lawbreakers?

Why be selective with just going after the lawbreakers?

Why not go after the innocent and the law abiding population?

Why not try to find some kind of fault with the law abiding citizens and fine them?

These suggestion surely sound ridiculous.

If they were to be acted on, the criminals would surely rejoice.

But that is what passes for logic at The UN Human Rights Council

And so it goes in this bizarre world of ours where wrong is right and right doesn’t matter.

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Matt said...

I saw this a day or so ago at some blog who is sympathetic to Kasstro, Chávez, Morales, Correa, etc. I'm surprised nobody has said anything (UN wise) about Bush possibly shutting down the prison @ Guantanamo. It just proves despite the shortcomings our gov't, it is still in the UN's eyes infintely worse than all those who have died under Kasstro's regime. I guess mass amounts of death, poverty, squalor, etc. under Communism is just no longer newsworthy or condemnable in this day and age.