26 August 2007

Castro Life Watch

The rumor that Fidel Castro actually survived last week is starting to grow legs even after Hugo Chavez's "premature eulogication" yesterday.

He even managed to pen a historical essay from his deathbed!

Interestingly, the rumors coming out of Havana are saying that Castro, though moribund, is still with the living.

According to Killcastro's sources "in theater", "Castro is on an off a ventilator to breath -and a tracheotomy was practiced on him. He's still alive, but in real bad shape."

Interestingly, the sources here in the states, especially those in government and law enforcement, all point to a dead tyrant.

One guy said he had called his old colleagues in Cuba to pump them for information about Castro, and they told him that they're getting all their information from Miami.

So we're still on Castro Death Watch or Life Watch depending on where your sources are.

But tomorrow is another day ...

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Ziva said...

Dead, dead, dead.