21 August 2007


It’s been a week since news of Fidel Castro’s new health crisis hit the wires.

Last Tuesday La Reforma first published the news that Castro needed more surgical procedures to try to prevent a bout of “fatal septicemia”. The news also claimed that Castro had lost a lot of weight and did no longer want to walk or receive visitors.

The regime’s response: Silence.

The correspondent’s name is Yolanda Martinez. And she’s still in Havana. Still reporting.

Would a regime that kicks foreign reporters out for reporting news unfavorable to the Cuban government allow Martinez to stay in Cuba if she was merely reporting on rumors? If she didn’t have the evidence to back up her claims?

Well, yes, they would-in a heartbeat. But then again, if they put her on the first plane out of Havana, she would be free to spill the beans on all she knows and on who her sources were. Capice?

That could make some high-ups in the Cuban nomenklatura a little red faced - maybe even some with a very famous last name that starts with a “C”.


Amy said...

I hate this waiting game . . . I suck at it.

El Gusano said...

¡Niña! ¡Que clase de lengua!

Alfredo said...

The apartheid dictatorship is awaiting the proper Adidas outfit for burial!

Jewbana said...

Patience children, patience. Good things come to those who wait.
La justicia demora, pero llega. Y recuerden que Di-s castiga sin palos ni piedras.

Anonymous said...

mira que damien jode!