25 August 2007

New Castro "Rumors"

After a tense night of phone calls, text messaging, TV news monitoring , blog reading, beer drinking and one Telemarketing phone call, I passed out in sheer exhaustion thinking that we had been fooled again.

But I now have digital cable with video on demand and 60 channels of commercial free music for just $2.99 extra a month-That’s Comcastic!- so it wasn’t a total waste of a day. I even asked the telemarketer if she had heard any Castro rumors -just as payment for interrupting my Antonio’s extra cheese pizza experience and she said that her sister’s friend’s husband who’s in “Lawr-Enforcement” had been put on alert just in case “those Cubans” got “outta hand” . OK enough of my personal life I’m starting to sound like “la cocinera.”

So, anyway I’m out like a light..and the phone rings.

I’m so out of it, I don’t even know who it is.

The guy says: “So did you hear the rumor?”

“YES!” I say

“you Believe it?”

“YES!” I say


“YES!” I say

“But, You told me he was dead. We were at the club dancing and someone said that there was a rumor he was still alive” He says

“All sources pretty much confirm that he’s either dead or dying …..preparations are being made….blah,blah,blah” I say

“YES! But they have started a new rumor now they’re saying He’s alive”“that’s the new rumor” “the new disinformation” “they can’t deny a true rumor with facts..they can’t produce a walking-talking Castro..so they got to start a new rumor..see?!?” He yells.

“But the US gov’t says he’s still alive” I counter

“Oh and like they’re gonna tell the whole world what they know!” “So every Cuban in la saguesera and Hialeah gets on a boat to go get Tia Cuca and cousin Yusmeni” “where you asleep?”

YES! I say

“pffft!” “Call me tomorrow if you hear anything””bye”

“bye,Dad” I say


Alfredo said...

still just rumors on the adidas wearing apartheid dictator front.

Marta said...

Ha! I liked this post...
you almost sounded like "la cocinera." =D (there could be worse things than that, you know...)

El Gusano said...

Ha..Ha After my Comcast story, I was tempted to segway into my father's sick lil sense of humor story by saying "but, that's not important right now", but i didn't wan't to get sued for plagerism!