29 August 2007

No Questions Asked

This gets complicated

The Ghost Writer’s Ghost Writer endorses “Clinton-Obama ‘08”

I get the mental image of a bearded crypt-keeper guy with a No. 2 pencil and legal size yellow notepad.

Since the Havana regime hasn’t officially addressed the rumors of Fidel Castro’s reported relapse, we have to assume that the dictator is bed-ridden at second best (first best would be embalmed)- or hooked up to a ventilator after undergoing a tracheotomy at worst.

So it stands to reason that a Ghost Writer penned Castro’s latest and most entertaining missive form Cuba’s Reflecting Cadaver.

Reuters tells us that Castro has “endorsed” the Presidential ticket of Clinton-Obama ’08 in a reflection published just yesterday. No doubts. No speculation. No questions asked.

Castro also bad-mouthed every American president since 1960 except Carter, his favorite.

This is getting ridiculous.

These guys “le están corriendo tremenda maquinita” al free international press. They must be rolling on the floor, dying from laughing so hard that the news services actually print the stuff they’re writing.

So now they’re starting to push, pa joder, like any Cuban would.

Soon we’ll probably see a “Fidel” penned refletion on UFO’s or the Chupacabra OR ELVIS….and they’ll still print it and attributed to Castro, no questions asked.


roland said...

You should add Elvis and Bigfoot to your list.

Great post by the way!

El Gusano said...

hehehe i had bigfoot but i changed to the latin legend chupacabra..but The King is universal!

Amy said...

I needed a good laugh today. Thanks! :-)