05 August 2007

What Boobs!

I think I've been a Gusano since birth.

While growing up in Cuba, it seemed to me, even as a child, that communism, seemed to attract the worst and the dullest in my neighborhood.

Surprisingly, some in my family were fervent Castristas..hmmm....

Later on, I realized that this is because they market their hate to one of the lowest common denominator in humans-material envy.

Egalitarianism may sound great to a boob who never had anything and doesn't have either the ambition or the discipline to do what you must do in society to acquire things. People like that love the idea that they're going to take stuff from the haves even if they don't necessarily redistribute it to the have nots.
But that only works until the original stuff runs out because now you have a society run by slackers for slackers.

More marketing is needed.

So they start with the schemes and the lies and the empty promises.

The that runs out and they start with propaganda in pictures and slogans AND T-SHIRTS.

And so what this Corona inspired diatribe about?

Che T -Shirts . I despise the image of that boob especially when they adorn the boobs who worship him without even knowing who he was.

All I want to do when I see these boobs wearing a shirt with Che on it ..is violently rip it off them and expose them for the boobs that they are!

I know what you're all thinking, but you're wrong. This picture is just here to proove that these boobs can't even get the quote right.
He said "Hasta la victoria siempre", not "para siempre".
What Boobs!


Charlie Bravo said...

For your sanity Guajiro, that's a photoshop of a lowly boob over a glorious pair of boobs.
In her defense, I have to say that the topography of those boobs will never afford for the face of the boob to be so straight (pun intendended, he had the thing for raul and raul had ir for him, too) and much less for the lettering to be so straight in an area with such relief.
The blonde should be suing the photoshop boob who defaced her heavenly rack.
For the record, I have never seen the t-shirt on any torso worth of attention or a second look. Beautiful women actually tend to despise that boob, and if they are well endowed, well, the despise seems -for some reason (!) - to be double.
So, don't worry my friend, that's just some malignant photoshop formation over GOD'S WORK OF ART.

Alberto de la Cruz said...

Are you sure there are no revolutionaries hiding out in those mountains? Talk about La Sierra Maestra!