29 August 2007

From Castro’s Hospital - CIMEQ

According to Camilo Lopez of the Blog Estancia Cubana the source of the current Castro Deathwatch Originates in Cuba, but not from the regime, but from CIMEQ where Castro is supposedly being treated.

Camilo is an exiled Cuban doctor (and a hell of a blogger). He spent a couple of years at the CIMEQ and he got an e-mail from a source.

According to my source, as trustworthy as can be imagined, on August 12 Fidel Castro had a serious relapse in his health. A fecal peritonitis secondary to a free perforation cased him to be taken to the operating room for the sixth or seventh time since the transfer of powers. An immediate cardiovascular resuscitation was performed on him, a great amount of fluid was administered to him and from the surgical point of view an exhaustive washing of the abdominal cavity was done and drainages were placed in him.

Camilo’s sources Fidel may be alive but with “no garantees”
Camilo's post in Spanish Here


Charlie Bravo said...

Gusano, as you can see, Camilo's sources coincide with our sources in a few issues, thus communicating that the septic shock happened (peritonitis)
They place the tyrant alive on August 12, ours placed him alive in the time line this past Friday evening.

El Gusano said...

how about that resuscitation thing?

Charlie Bravo said...

We have several contradictory reports about that Gusano. But we stuck with reporting about the tracheotomy, which we could confirm....