16 August 2007

The Rumor Mill Grinds On...(Update)

The rumors of Fidel's imminent trip to Hades are hot and heavy again.
This time around, though, the rumors are coming from the free-press rather than from the Cuban Radio Bemba.
The Paz Digital is reporting that Fidel is either dead or close to death, being kept alive artificially until the sucession team-Raul-feels is the opportune time to unplug him and announce his death.
According to their sources four Cuban Military officers have been detained for delving into and finding out about Cuba’s “state secret” state of health. They say a comandante with the name of Chourio was one of those arrested.
In Cuba, there’s rumors and there’s official rumors. We’ll see.


CB over at Killcastro is of the opinion that this is indeed an "official rumor" or desinformacion as he calls it.


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this (not really) but ACABE TE DE MORIR YA DAMIEN- COMO JODES ! LOL

Charlie Bravo said...

Hi Gusano. Our sources in Cua communicated via text messages that they have no reports of any top brass arrests. They think that it is the goverment feeding contradictory stories tr the MSN for propaganda purposes or to create smoke screens arpound what's really happening. I am traveling, let's see what else we get!!