24 August 2007

The Strongest Substance on Earth

You know…

I was talking with a friend of mine..who said “Well, I guess the rumors of Castro’s death have been proven wrong-since he wrote another reflection today”

Stupid me. What was I thinking!?!? It was in Granma so it must be true…..

It’s funny, granted pathetic funny, that the press will publish the lies printed by a state owned propaganda tool as fact and treat what is published by a member in good standing of the World’s free press as “rumors”.

Fidel Castro is known habitual and pathological liar. Granma exists solely to spread Fidel and his regime’s lies and propaganda.(and to provide the toilet paper that the hapless revolution can’t supply to its citizens)

My mother, with Granma in hand, looked at me once and said “The paper that they use to make this newspaper is the strongest substance on Earth because it can hold all the crap they throw on it”

My mom the filosofa. ( as opposed to my dad the Fill-a-Sofa).

And still the silence coming out of Havana is deafening.

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Jewbana said...

Ay Gusano,you make me laugh until it hurts.