13 August 2007

“New Woman” Hedges Her Bets

Well, well well…..

I have been hearing for months from several people that the nomenklatura Cubana, including the Castro family, is preparing a plan “B” just in case things don’t go according to plan “A”.

It has been rumored that even the Castro I clan is looking for land in the Chilean-Argentine border and that the Castro II clan is scattered all over Spain.

Now we learn that Celia Guevara, Che’s 44 year old “daughter of the revolution” and one of Cuba’s “new women” is hedging on the future of the Fidel-less revolution by acquiring Argentine citizenship.

How’s that for a vote of confidence? The “come candela” Fidelista daughter of Che is planning her and her progeny’s escape from a post Fidel Cuba.

The darker the future looks for these folks, the brighter it looks for Cuba.


Henry Gomez said...

There's a definite resemblance. There's truth to what you say about these people. They know in their hearts that the moment is coming that they are going to have to run. I don't know anything about this woman and what blood she may have on her hands but assuming she doesn't have any, I'd never hold her accountable for the sins of her father but she'd be wise to get the hell the out of dodge anyway.

Anonymous said...



True. I've heard a great deal of rumblings about the possibility of the Cuban population taking out their anger on the neighborhood CDR leaders come a free Cuba. Seems more and more overt fidelistas are either running away from, or preparing to run away from the hen-house.

Fidel pro democracy said...

I feel sorry for the bastards, because on my own skin, I have endured 27 years of exile, grown appart from my family, culture and pastelitos de guayaba, as a christian I do not wish my pain into anybody, I am sure however a lot of people does not share my compasion.

Anonymous said...

Man, to be the daughter of Ernesto Guevara, the guy that murdered so many people in La Cabaña, I don't even want to know what that feels like.