02 August 2007

La Lucha por La Leche

The newspapers and wires are quoting the latest blog entry by Cuban Dictator Emeritus, Chief Blogger and Revolution Mascot, Fidel Castro, as saying how that the revolution had “marched” on without him. Of course in my mind that brought visions of an Adidas Tracksuit Clad Cadaver watching his people all goose-step off a cliff while he “reflects”. But, I’m biased that way.

The newspapers all contained snippets of his “Eternal Flame” Post so I went to the Granma –en Ingles-site to actually read the whole thing.(a huge sacrifice I know, but sacrifice it's what its all about-more on that later)

In the post, the blogger, speaking like the ghost of a recently passed soul that has been to his own funeral and watched his loved ones go on without him and follow the instructions on his will,reflects on power-the one thing he loved above all else. Interestingly, he seems to say that he never had real power, real power must be destructive and able to “threaten everyone”.

In this “proclamation” he also says American calls for a “democratic Cuba” are “foul and insane” “as though leaders here put themselves forth and elect themselves without having to pass through that inflexible filter embodied by the overwhelming majority of an educated and cultivated people who must support them at gunpoint.” (ok. I added the at gunpoint part) Well yeah! That is exactly what happens in a one-party system. Just the fact that a leader rules by “proclamation” is pretty suspect that very little democracy is taking place.

So anyway, what really jumped at me form this post is the verbs (and a couple of adverbs just for fun):

struggle relentlessly
to work untiringly
fought and sacrificed

This is Fidel’s philosophy. His Utopia is a society where everyone has to struggle relentlessly, to work untiringly, to fight, to sacrifice-for what? Oh I forgot, Raul has promised MILK. Fifty Years of struggle to keep people busy. No rewards just constant struggle and sacrifice. The Regime’s sole purpose is to make people as miserable as possible by creating “struggles” and obstacles to keep people from reflecting.

That’s why, while the rest of society tries to march forward unto prosperity and happiness, with a few exceptions, of course, Cuba continues its struggle to march against history and human nature and goose-step backwards to a time where rulers ruled by "proclamations".


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

And the Cuban peso is so worthless it can be used for toilet paper...

Amy said...

I'm lactose intolerant.

El Gusano said...

pobrecita Amy. I know how you feel, I'm alcohol intolerant myself.

El Gusano said...

I'm surprised Raul didn't promise the Cuban people an ample supply of toilet paper at long last, but even that, they can't handle.

Jewbana said...

Toilet paper is not needed in Cuba. What do you think Granma and Juventud Rebelde are used for?
Los culos en Cuba, saben leer.

Jose Aguirre said...

Raulita has always valued la leche very much!

Amy said...

Perhaps if Raul promised a visit from Kevin Bacon the Cuban people would work untiringly. ha! ;-)