01 July 2007

Hillary to the Rescue

You know things are getting bad for Cuban-Americans when Hillary Clinton, Vilma’s Espin’s buddy, has to come to our defense.

Fred Thompson who is kindda like running for President said of the would-be Cuban refugees caught with a wet foot out at sea and condemned to return back to Castro’s tropical concentration camp:

"I don't imagine they're coming here to bring greetings from Castro. We're living in the era of the suitcase bomb."

He He He ... talk about bombs! Kablooie

Funny, I don’t remember any Cuban-bombers being stopped in the high seas recently… or ever.

"I was appalled when one of the people running for or about to run for the Republican nomination talked about Cuban refugees as potential terrorists," Clinton told Hispanic elected officials. "Apparently he doesn't have a lot of experience in Florida or anywhere else, and doesn't know a lot of Cuban-Americans."

Said Mrs. Clinton.

Interestingly, Senator Clinton referred to those attempting to flee the island as refugees. An ironic semantic choice since it was thanks to her husband that the one-time “refugees” became “migrants” when he instituted the wet foot/dry foot policy.

Thanks to that and the Elian travesty, Mrs. Clinton would probably only beat out Fidel , Raul, Janet Reno and her husband in a popularity contest among Cuban Americans.


Charlie Bravo said...

Thanks Gusano for bringing to people's attention the duplicitious nature of both Thompson and Clinton. We are in bad shape, when Hillary Venceremos Clinton has to come to the "rescue" pandering the vote of Cubans....
Where are our egregious politicos? Maybe enjoying an extended 4 of July week? Where are our shinning celebrities? They are silent.
Must I remind them that if such an utterance would be proferred against Jews or Black this country would be upside down?

Anonymous said...

My anonymous thoughts exactly.Hippo-crit! I glad you guys saw this too.

Anonymous said...

Just a bunch of LOSERS- that's all. Do they think we believe all this shit anymore? Lol I laugh because I'd rather not cry. A-holes!

Henry Gomez said...

Either we have Cuban spies in America or we don't. We can't have it both ways. You and I both know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of infiltrated Cuban agents living and working in America. I don't think that everyone that's arriving on those "go fast" boats has good intentions. This statement is much ado about nothing. An overstatement of the obvious, that we don't know who is coming into our country and they could be dangerous.

And very pro immigration, pro amnesty. But I'm also pro securing the border.

El Gusano said...

CB: They're all politicians..cambiado por mierda se pierde el envase...
Henry:Come on,I know you love him but FT put his foot in his mouth. He said terrorists, had he said spies, it would have been altogether a diffrent statement. What disturbs me is that it gave HC, an opportunity to engraciate herself with the C-A community which given her history, is like rubbing salt on a wound.

Charlie Bravo said...

Actually, let's see when and how the Cuban spies came to the U.S. Anytime you see them in the news they are people who have spent a considerable amount of time in this country with airtight identity legends. Oh, now US the newcomers are bad guys.
That explains why there's no tangible opposition to the dry-foot wet-foot. Fred Thompson is a motherfucking racist, an a monumental asshole, for all I care.

El Gusano said...

Jeez CB, my daughter reads this blog.
Don't forget FT was pandering to the anti-spic crowd and was trying to bring things down to their level :)

Charlie Bravo said...

Oh, man I am sorry for using my colorful language here. My apologies to you and your family!
Yeah, I don't forget that. But then you will see silence, adulation, and all sort of contortions to kiss up to Fred Thompson.
Cubanophobia at its best.