31 May 2007

Why the Deathwish?

In his daily blog entry, the blogging comandate reflected on George Bush’s death wish for him saying that his ideas will live on. And yes, there will always be evil.

A good example of that evil is exposed in a new book by former Congressman Bill Hendon’s about American POWs in Southeast Asia.

"An Enormous Crime – The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia," Hendon and co-author Elizabeth Stewart disclose that Fidel Castro was a key adviser to the North Vietnamese government during the Vietnam War. They report that Castro gave Hanoi a strategy for capturing GIs and then trading them for postwar reconstruction aid from the U.S., just as Cuba had done with the Bay of Pigs prisoners.

The book also claims the current Cuban Education minister, Fernando Vecino Alegret, brutally tortured American POW’s in ways “aimed at converting or turning the POWs and to be used as propaganda by the international Communist effort. It was inhumane. It was incessant. It was barbaric”

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