13 November 2006

Bad Week for Raul

NOT a good week for the totalitarians in Havana.

Their boy in Caracas is clearly on the defensive.

Yes, they got the UN to vote against the US embargo, again, but this time, it wasn’t just the US that made a case as to why the embargo is in place. Along comes Australia with a resolution calling for Cuba to release its political prisoners and criticizing its human rights record. 51 countries including most of the European Union and most of the Ex-Warsaw pact countries voted for the amendment. Sadly, no Latin American country supported the Australians.

Those infamous unnamed sources in the US government are saying that Castro doesn’t have long to live. Apparently, they weren’t very impressed by his Dictatorcizes video.

Cuban government officials continue to give ambiguous and conflicting statements as to when Castro will return to the dictator’s seat or even if he will be well enough to attend a Dec 2 celebratory parade in Havana. Expect a new video out very soon.. The next video will feature Castro wearing his customary olive fatigues and will show Castro and a few Cuban government officials discussing government business in a staged meeting at the CIMEQ.

The US government continues its not too covert flirting with the Cuban Armed forces trying to lure them away from supporting the ascension of Raul following the tyrants death. Can you imagine what’s going on behind the scenes?

The Swiss have lost their patience with the Cuban government and their rogue nation business practices. Two banks, Credit Suise and USB, have announced they are ceasing to do business with Havana.


Alfredo said...

Poor raulita, it's not all rosy running a brutal apartheid regime. Killing, torturing, and stealing can get to a lady sometimes.

El Gusano said...

hey! he's no lady! it's going to get a lot worse for her. btw, Dictatorsizes is a phrase with legs!