11 November 2006

Will He or Won't He?

So you have no clue was going on with you least favorite tyrant?

Well, it seems that neither do high ranking officials within the Cuban government. Or at least they’re having a hard time getting their story staright.

Cuban government officials keep giving conflicting statements to the press about the bearded one. In the past week we have been treated to dueling statements from different officials as to whether Castro will return to power. But the really big mystery is whether they’re going to be able to stuff the ex-dictator into his fatigues for a parade that’s being held on Dec 2.

When asked about his ex-boss and mentor, Felipe Perez Roque, basically threw the old man under the bus by saying that everything was great without him. He stopped short of asking “Fidel, who needs Fidel?” but it was clear that he was trying to say that even if Fidel didn’t return, the status quo would continue.

A few days later, a ranking communist party official, Fernando Remírez Estenoz,. said that rumors that Castro would not be able to attend his birthday parade were “not true”.

The committee organizing the parade and other celebrations, la Fundación Guayasamín, said that they didn’t know, and that Castro himself probably didn’t know, at what point of the parade he would come and that it would depend on the circumstances at the time.

Then yesterday, according to the Washington Post, Alarcon said that the ex-dictator would definitely return to power and continue the oppression of the Cuban people and the destruction of what’s left of Cuba, but hedged about the parade appearance.

I have no doubt that Castro will be propped up somewhere on Dec 2. I’m just wondering whether he’ll be in his Adidas warm-up or his old fatigues.

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