11 November 2006

Information Technology Ironies

The third Convention of Information and Trends in Information Technology and Communications was held in Havana, Mecca of technology and information in the west.

At a meeting on Thursday, Cuban Science, Technology, and Environment Minister Fernando Gonzales said that producing competitive software for the international market is the only way for poor countries to overcome dependence in information technology and communication.

Lookout Microsoft: Ramiro Valdez, who attended the opening ceremony has you in his sights.

And..you can’t make this up…Gonzales said “the information-technology divide among nations is relative to their economic achievements, and we should speak about computerization in terms of info-rich or info-poor States.

That statement is almost as ironic as holding an Information Technology convention in Havana. Cuba would have to be classified as an info-poor state since it is illegal for Cubans to look outside government sources for information. In fact, Reporters Without Borders considers Cuba an internet “Black Hole” and ranks it as the 4th worst enemy of reporters worldwide.

Cuba, with its vast number of under and unemployed well educated technical professionals, has recently entered into contracts with Canadian firms to "software adaptation and localization services” to Latin America.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Do you think these guys down in Havana actually believe the crap they spew forth? I sometimes believe that they actully do because they sound so serious as they deliver it. But to anyone who, like Jethro Bodine has at least a six grade education, it is high comedy. This farce called Cuba would actually make a very funny sitcom if it was not so grave in reality. Speaking of grave, have they picked on for Fidel yet?

El Gusano said...

Where they believe their own propaganda hass always been a source of debate at my home. I think they need to convince themselves that they do.