25 November 2006

Perdoname, Oscar

I've had such a busy weekend, eating, drinking, family, shopping, putting up Christams lights, watching football, drinking. I didn't feel like taking the time out to keep up with blogging.

Then I found this, right after the Maryland-Wake Forest Game:

From the Sun - Sentinel:

Havana · Independent journalist Oscar Mario González said he was quietly whisked away from one of Havana's most notorious prisons Monday for a meeting with state security agents.

"We hope we never have to detain you again," González, quoted one of the officers as saying. "You're an old man. You're sick. We advise you to stay home, stay calm and stop writing."

"I don´t plan to stop writing," he said. "I'm a journalist. I'm committed to my work."

González said he planned to start writing again after regaining his health. "I will be a journalist until the day I die," he said. "It is the most noble profession."

He appeared frail, his speech punctuated with a chronic cough. The euphoria of his release on Monday has given way to sadness, he said, "for those to remain behind bars."

"It is lamentable that decent and honorable men who express their ideas as independent journalists must go to prison," he said. "They are, for the most part, forgotten. That is the lesson of my incarceration."

and I felt ashamed.

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