09 November 2006

State Sponsored Terrorism in Cuba

Manuel Cuesta Morúa

A Cuban opposition group, Arco Progresista, insisted that the communist Cuban regime stop the acts of repudiation against dissidents. The acts of repudiation, known in Cuba as “actos de repudio” are organized by government agents and consist of either other government operatives or communists sympathizers who go out in mobs to harass and beat dissidents and their families.

The declaration, issued in Havana by the organization’s spokesperson, Manuel Cuesta Morúa, labeled the acts of repudiation as State Sponsored Terrorism and called for the communist regime to cease and desist immediately and irreversibly form any act of terrorism against its citizens.

Morúa reminded the regime that it had agreed with Special Communiqué of Support to the War on Terror issued at the Sixteenth Ibero-American summit that just concluded in Montivideo, Urugay that condemned any such act as criminal and unjustifiable. He also reminded the Cuban government that they cannot have it both ways, asking other countries to adhere to international accords regarding terrorism while they ignore the accords.

In the Cuban totalitarian regime, there are of course, no civil rights, but the acts of repudiation are especially repugnant tactics to terrorize the populace into submission. They are perpetrated on citizens who are singled out because of their unwillingness to accept the violations of their civil rights and in one way or another protest. These folks are then harassed and beaten by a government apparatus called fast action brigades which swarm on the dissidents to intimidate and terrorize them into keeping quiet. These goon squads are either government operatives or are recruited, organized or trained by the government. Their sole purpose is to terrorize the citizenry into submission. Therefore, it fits the definition of State Sponsored Terrorism and should be condemned by all Nations.

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