28 November 2006


In spite of the continued oppression from the Cuban communist regime, the dissidents inside the island continue to valiantly put pressure on the regime and on the international community to end Cuba’s human right abuses.

As a tie in to the World Non-Violence Day which was celebrated on November 25 at the United Nations, “Arco Progresista Cubano” and the “Coalición Diálogo Pro Derechos” which are grouping of dissident organizations inside Cuba, are launching an initiative to start and celebrate a “Day to Respect Dissent”


The head of Arco Progresista, Manuel Cuesta Morúa, said that “violence has intolerance as an answer” and that they had been working against the violence orchestrated by the Cuban government against dissidents for more that a year.

They are also collecting signatures to support a document entitled "Urgent Action Against Violence" which focuses on the abuse of women and children, street conflicts and the acts of repudiation that are inflicted on the defenders of human rights in Cuba.

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