17 November 2006

If The Ladies Can't Go To Europe.....

Those who come to the Contra Revolución know that I find Cuban women fascinating. Cuban women are a fiery mixture of beauty, charm, will and determination. I make no excuses for my admiration, love and respect for Cuban women especially when they dress in white and carry a gladiolus. Please indulge me once more:

Fidel Castro’s once shiny image in Europe continues to tarnish. The ailing ex-Cuban dictator, once cause célèbre for European socialists and leftists is being unmasked as the repressive tyrant that he really is. European support for Cuba’s dissidents continues to grow in the European Union’s parliament, especially as more former Warsaw Pact countries join Free-Europe.

In the latest boost for Cuba’s growing opposition, the European Union’s Parliament has decided to send a delegation to Cuba to present the Ladies in White with their Sajarov Prize for Conscience of Freedom. The European Union’s legislative body made its decision to make the award presentation in Havana to the mothers and wives of jailed Cuban dissidents known as the Ladies in White because Cuba’s communist regime would not give the members of the organization to travel to Strasburg to receive their award.

Before setting a date for the three – member delegation’s visit, the parliament will ask the European Union’s Council to make the necessary efforts to ensure that the delegation will be received by the Cuban authorities.

The Sarajov prize is awarded to organizations or individuals who distinguish themselves in the struggle for freedom of conscience, human rights and democracy.

The Ladies in White are comprised of the wives and mothers of Cuban dissidents and prisoners of conscience whose only crimes were to want freedom for their wives, daughters and mothers. The brave women, quietly and with dignity bear witness to the injustices committed against the men in their family and all the people of Cuba every week as they march, dressed in white and in silence down Havana’s 5th avenue holding a gladiolus and their heads up high.

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