14 November 2006

Oscar Corral Wiener

Oscar is back tauting the Miami Chihuahuas again.

In the Miami Herald, Oscar "investigates" the funds that the Federal Government has spent trying to promote change in the captive island for the last ten years. The amount comes to $55.5 Million or 5.5 Million a year. gasp!

According to Corral's sources, the money was wasted by the Clinton and Bush administrations to court favor with the Cuban-American voters in Florida.

The article goes on to list all the different things that the money was squandered on, ad nauseum.

Perhaps Corral can do one of his crack investigative stories on how much money the Cuban community contributed in taxes to the US treasury in the last 10 years and figure out the percentage of the 55.5 is to the tax amount. Chump Change.

I personally think that spending 5.5 mil a year to annoy Castro is peanuts and that the reason it hasn't worked is because of the government's involvement and because not enough is being spent.

I also take a certain amount of pride in knowing that the Cuban Community has learned to navigate the American political system and has become an issue driven voting block that needs to be reckonned with , not pandered and ignored like other ethnic groups.

Cubans, rather than having our hands out for a government handout , we are advocating for freedom, democracy , free markets and the American way for those that don't have it. Maybe thats what bugs Corral and his masters at the Herald.


Camilo said...

Sospechoso lo de Corral.

Sus intenciones son malignas, de eso estoy seguro.

El Gusano said...

es un heroe de la revolucion

Camilo2002cl said...

Jajaja, claro, un heroe de la revolucion, jajaja

!Ya No Mas! said...

Jajajaja i like that picture

El Gusano said...

hey I'm gonna post a picture of Brutus my Chihuahua. Then you'll see a tough guy!