07 November 2006

Roque Rock Throwing

Felipe Perez Roque, Cuba's foreign minister, was quoted by the Associated Press as saying “I have no questions in my mind that we will be able to celebrate his birthday in December as he deserves.''

Felipe, we can celebrate anybody’s birthday, dead or alive, every year.

As usual, Roque assures the enemies of the Revolution that the tyrant is getting better and WILL return to power, but that the Revolution doesn’t really need him anyway because everything, (other than a few buildings in Havana), hasn’t collapsed since Castro’s sudden state secret – type illness forced the dictator to hand the whip over to his younger Brother Raul.

Cuba is preparing for a big, gigantic Soviet Style Military Parade that is meant to celebrate both Castro’s August 13th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the beaching of the Granma in an Oriente swamp. The parade will also show the enemy that the regime’s scary military capabilities are always prepared to defend the communist fatherland.

I’m sure come December 2, they’ll prop the “Mascot of the Revolution” up on a reviewing stand so he can waive at the masses and salute the goose-stepping Rebel Armed Forces. If they can’t prop him up, maybe they’ll get a double up there since nobody will be close enough to tell the difference.

Roque would not speculate on when Castro will resume his reign of terror, but added that the communist government’s critics that believed that the regime would collapse after Castro was no longer around “have learned a good lesson” in the last few months. Since the destruction of the once prosperous island has continued unabated, one would have to agree. We have learned that the rest of the crew is just as repressive and incompetent as their ex-boss who turned out to be very expendable.


Chevy said...

Gusanon contrarrevolucionario y apatrida, te echaste un encabeza'o volao, acere.

Oye, vamos a colocar este trabajo del amigo Perez Roquito en nuestra blogosfera, asi que:

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El Gusano said...

esta bien Chevy, listos.