27 November 2006

Varela out on bail


Ex El Nuevo Herald Cartoonist José Varela, had had enough of the discrimination and anti Cuban - American agenda at the Miami Herald, so in an act of civil disobedience he staged a sit-in at the paper; even comparing himself to Rosa Parks. Varela, insisted that he was taking his drastic actions to bring to light the anti Cuban-American agenda at the Miami Herald and defend the honor of the Cuban Exile community.

The authorities did not take kindly to Mr.Verela's actions and he was summarily thrown in the slammer.

This morning, though, as a thank you for risking his freedom to defend our collective honor, two local D.J.'s Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero of Zol 95.7, decided to raise his bail money. They did so by selling one of Varela's cartoons for $10.95 each. They raised the whole amount, $ 7, 500, in five hours.

Enrique and Joe are the two jodedores that gained notoriety for prank calling Fidel Castro and making a fool out of him. The cartoon they sold is based on this incident:


Camilo said...

Jajaja, Rambo=Varela, jajaja

Por cierto, contento de que el caricaturista ya este en la calle.

Un abrazo, Gusano, tu blog esta cada vez mejor.

El Gusano said...

el hombre los tiene buen puestos, heh? estaba preparado a dar su vida por el exilio y sus companeros de trabajo.

Camilo said...

Sin dudas, gusano, sin dudas.

El caso Varela va a perdurar, tu vas a ver.

El Gusano said...

de acuerdo. Hay que llamarlo "el Grito Varela" por que el "Grito Herald" no se, no me lo trago.

El Zorro said...

this guy is starting a movement. the herald will never press charges agaisnt this guy because they caused his "condition" by creating an incredibly hostile work environment. Ya no Mas has an article that says they ripped up his drawings when they didn't like them? he also claimed that castello insulted him in from of his co-workers. LAWSUIT.