23 November 2006

On Thanksgiving, A Prayer and a Tear

Thanksgiving is not a Cuban holiday. But, of all the American customs it is probably the easiest one that my family adapted to because it involves a family get-together.

Our Cuban thanksgivings are just like American ones, Family, Food, Football (Cuban-Americans LOVE football ) and Fun.

The food may change a little. My family tried really hard to have Guanajo, like my mom calls it, but it’s marinated with Mojo. Chorizo in the stuffing. Sometimes the mashed potatoes get replaced with Congris, sometimes the Yams get replaced with Yuca. After dinner there’s probably some dancing.

But the important part, Giving Thanks, is very special to us. We, the ones who live here, have a lot to be thankful for. We are first and foremost thankful for our freedom. We are thankful for having been given refuge in this land that gives thanks.

In every happy celebration, though, right in the middle of the food and fun you’ll always catch this Cuban quietly staring into space for a few seconds, maybe sighing and shaking his head. That little haunting feeling always hits.

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Alfredo said...

happy Thanksgiving mi hermano!