02 November 2006

US to Overthrow Castro

According to USA Today, the Cuban Ambassador to Venezuela, German Sanchez Otero, warned yesterday that the United States, currently ruled by the Devil , is planning to overthrow Fidel Castro, soon to be with the Devil, in an Iraq like operation codenamed “Shock and Yawn”. He warned of "an outrageous plan, written into U.S. law, to provoke the overthrow of a legitimate government ... and after that give support to a government installed by the U.S. just as they've done in Iraq." The ambassador was of course referring to two reports prepared by U.S. Commission for Assistance for a Free Cuba.

Perhaps Mr. Sanchez Otero hasn’t been keeping up with current events, but Castro was already toppled by his brother, ReCastro, on July 31 of this year in an Auto - coup d’État which was partly engineered as a reaction to the report issued by the Commission. Castro, the ex-dictator, has now been relegated to the role of “Mascot of the Revolution” and is periodically paraded in front of TV cameras where he demonstrates his revolutionary virility by reading, writing, talking and performing odd and humiliating “dictatorcizes” while wearing either his jammies or his official “Mascot of the Revolution” Adidas warm-up suit.

Oddly, since ReCastro’s “ascension”, Cuba has been throwing off its critics and victims, by occasionally telling the truth. For example, Cuba officially informed the world that Castro was ill, and has recently acknowledged that there are problems with its socialist economy that are not embargo related. It also admitted to having transportation problems and of a Dengue Fever epidemic.

Hopefully, Mr. Sanchez Otero is telling the truth about the impending regime change in Cuba. I’m going to hold my breath. If I pass out please have the Contra Revolución’s official lifeguard administer mouth to mouth ASAP.

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