12 July 2007

The Blogging "Critic" *** Updated ***

The blogging Bastard is at it again.

And, at the risk of turning this blog into one of those “Contrary Mary” blogs whose only purpose is to criticize other bloggers like an obsessed schoolgirl turned cyber-stalker when spurned by her cyber-crush, I’ll once again reluctantly address some of the bastard's comments if only to shed a little light on how his reflections reveal his real feelings about Cuba and its people.

And it’s difficult because one has to actually read his “reflections” seriously.

*** OOOPS! Most of this post was missing. ***

Here's how it was supposed to read.

This time, blogging in Granma, the Dictator Emeritus engages in “Cuba’s self criticism”. As if he and his regime and all his failed policies where Cuba.

In another example of his elitist disdain for his fellow Cubans, he begins one paragrapgh :

“Nowadays we have taken higher education to the “masses”. The “Masses” not the Cuban citizens or fellow countrymen, but the “masses”. Maybe he was alluding to the long forgotten inscription on the Statue of Liberty about the huddled masses yearning to free …

He later talks about “ irritating inequalities and privileges”.

What Fidel finds irritating is that by hook or by crook, some of his slaves have managed to carve some economic freedom out for themselves by using the rules of his tropical feudal system against it. Very irritating indeed for the tyrant who must ensure that everyone is equally poor, destitute, miserable, terrorized and totally dependent on the slave master for survival.

Ultimately, since in his materialistic ideology, he continues to measure Cubans by what they have in their pockets rather than by what they have in their hearts, the only solution that he can come up with will be to strip the “wealth” of those who are more equal than the others to make everyone equally poor.

Rulers, even despots, who have some interest in the welfare of their people, would try to create some wealth and prosperity, but that is out of the question in Castro’s Cuba since his only interest is total and absolute power over Cubans and keeping them destitute, isolated and hungry is one of the strongest weapons in his oppressive arsenal.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

He surely IS a bastard but that blogger ain't Castro.

El Gusano said...

TEP: I was missing 3/4 of the post...DUH

Charlie Bravo said...

Alzheimers anyone?
That's what he's got.
and yeah, they do have a designated blogger, who tries to put together frankensteins out of the babbling of the old man with references from old speeches and so on.... funny!

Anonymous said...

Does Kuba have an Information Minister (like Mohammed al-Shariff was for Iraq)? If so, it'll be funny to see him talk when the system's crashing down. "The Communist Revolution is still strong, the evil imperialists will never penetrate Kuba, ever!" Ha ha.