25 July 2007

The Eerie Calm Of The Last 365 Days

Tomorrow is the high holy day of Cuban Commie-dom.

Cuba’s blogger in chief is either too busy writing his reflections or too sick to attend the official celebrations which will be lead by his brother Raul.

Though you may get depressed that Fidel has been able to cheat the reaper for a year, enjoy that the once omnipotent dictator has been relegated to playing the part of the track suit clad mascot and cheerleader of his own “revolution” with one foot in the grave and the other in the trash heap of history. At least Guevara died with his boots on.

Other than the adulating foreign press few will be nostalgic for Castro’s multi-hour speeches so the only winners tomorrow will be the Cubans that will be spared the traditional mid-summer day sermon.

This past year, though frustrating, has had the feel of the proverbial calm before the storm. And a storm is a coming.


Anonymous said...

Yup- I think Hurricane LIBERTAD is on its way and the longest hurricane ever(cagastro) is on its way out.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

This slow death for the regime is best.

Mambi_Watch said...

According to "Cuba expert" Andy Gomez from ICCAS, the post-Fidel era has begun. Not only that, Gomez believes that Raul Castro has 6 months to a year to improve the state of affairs in Cuba, or face internal collapse and a half-million refugee exodus.

You say a "storm is a coming". Do you have a time-table like Gomez? One year, two, maybe three?

Just curious, so I can mark my calendar.

El Gusano said...


no, no timetable. no need for you to mark up your Che calendar.

But your buddy Raul has increased expectations of change which he's either unwilling or unable to deliver on.

so, the storm that's brewing will be one of repression and brutality if the people start to express their displeasure.

did Gomez say where the 500,000 Cubans are going to get boats to get over here? isn't Raul's time up then, it's been a year already.

oh wait he's on tv right now.