02 July 2007

New Blog

Cuba's Dictator Emiritus and current Blogger in Chief, Fidel Castro, is now on blogging double duty. (I feel his pain). Aside from his Granma "blog" where the ex-comandante reflects on world-issues while ignoring domestic problems, he has now started publishing his views in Juventud Rebelde.

In his latest post over at JR on Sunday, the Adidas Tracksuit clad blogger called the United States a "killing machine". I guess that is opposed to the "love machine" that was comprised of the old Soviet bloc of which Castro was a proud member and proxy, spreading their philosophy of love and tolerance all over the world.


Anonymous said...

2x the Castro? Pardon me if I don't add this one to my RSS feed (or the original from Granma for that matter).

El Gusano said...